The Moonlighting Program at the Milstein Hospital is a privilege afforded to NYS licensed Juniors and Seniors in good academic standing, Fellows, and Attendings. As a moonlighter, you will have the opportunity to increase your clinical exposure to a diverse patient population. Primarily responsible for ensuring appropriate emergency care to off service patients and patients on the Hospitalist Service, moonlighting responsibilities also include admitting patients to the Hospitalist Service, admitting off service patients overnight, and rendering emergency care to inpatient opthalmology patients. Moonlighting at Milstein will expose you to a different cohort of patients than what you may normally see during the day. It will emphasize the skill sets of triaging and effective management of inpatient issues.

If you are interested in joining the Milstein Moonlighting Team, it is important to make yourself aware of the
Work Hour Regulations.(Any other moonlighting for other services you will need to contact GME or their departments. We will not process any paperwork not pertaining to Milstein Moonlighting or GenMed PA Service)

If you have any questions or concerns about The Milstein Moonlighting Program please contact Sophie Jin at 342-0432 or send her an email to jsy2127@cumc.columbia.edu


Moonlighting Enrollment Form



Juniors cannot Moonlight while on:
Ward months (Gen Med / GenMed2/Oncology / AID-TB)

ICU months (MICU / CCU), Night Float (ANF/NF).

Juniors can Moonlight while on:

Outpatient (OPD), ER, Neurology,

Vacation, ICCR, Elective.


Seniors cannot Moonlight while on:
Ward months (Cards / GenMed /Hospitalist / Allen)


Medicine Consult II, On-Site
Supervisor ( OSS )

Allen ICU (AICU). ICU Triage

Seniors can Moonlight while on:
Outpatient (OPD), ER.

Vacation, Electives (E1/E2).