We are the experts in the medical care of the hospitalized patient. 

Our mission:

To deliver the highest quality medical care to our patients in the safest, most efficient, and
compassionate manner possible
To provide attentive service to the family members and visitors of our patients
To provide outstanding clinical education on the evidence-based care of
the hospitalized patient to residents, medical students and other healthcare professionals

To provide thorough general medical consultative services to the surgical and non-medical
services in our hospital
To contribute to the field of knowledge concerning hospitalized patients
To contribute to hospital-wide initiatives to improve the quality of care delivered








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03-2013 New Senior Medicine PA Service begins with 4 Physician Assistants on with each 4 Sr. Medicine Residents.

02-2013 Nocturnalist PA Service begin working every night to cross cover and admit the entire week.

11-2012 Julia Iyasere, M.D. awarded 2012 Physician of the Year Award

03-2012 New Nocturnalist PA Service begins with 3 Physician Assistants per night only working Thursday,
Friday and Saturday nights.

10-2011 Ashmi Patel, M.D. awarded 2011 Physician of the Year Award

05-2011 New General Medicine PA Service begins with 2 Physician Assistants per day.

03-2011 Lisa Chan , CN1 awarded 2011 Nurse Rookie of the Year Award

10-2010 Joseph Chang, M.D.,MPH, FACP awarded 2010 Physician of the Year Award

10-2009 Daniel Crossman, M.D. awarded 2009 Physician of the Year Award

05-2009 Intern Physician Assistant (GenMed PA's Service starts on with 3 PA's)

10-2008 Adrian Gonzalez, M.D. awarded 2008 Physician of the Year Award

09-2005 PACS PAC (Physician Assistant Clinical) Service starts on with 6 PA's

06-16-2005 Residency Update: Commencement The Hospitalist present the award of the Senior Medicine Resident
of the Year to Dr. Adrian Gonzalez and the award of the General Medical Consult Resident of the Year to Dr. Jennifer Moss.

05-16-2005 Dr. William Turner is recognized as Teacher of the Year by BALSO.

04-2005 APRIL 20th 2005 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY of 7 Garden South Hospitalist Unit. The entire staff comes together
to celebrate a successful inaugural year for the Hospitalist Unit. The Unit has the highest patient volume of any general
medical unit in the hospital system.

03-2005 Gigi Uy Bandalan awarded Nurse of the Year 2005 In recognition of her high quality of nursing care delivered
in the setting of highest patient volume of any hospital unit, Gigi Bandalan is presented with the prestigious Nurse of
the Year award
-Eclipsys Goes live in 7 Garden South
-John Kenny awarded Employee of the month for FEB 2005
-A third physician assistant is added to the staff.

03-23-2005 Doris Joy awarded Social Worker of the Year 2005 [picture] In recognition of her instrumental role in the
launching of the Hospitalist Unit as well as the high quality of social work care delivered in the setting of highest patient
volume of any hospital unit, Doris Joy is presented with the prestigious Social Worker of the Year award.

02-2005 Anise Morgan awarded Employee of the month for JAN 2005

Hospitalist Unit Holiday Party [pictures] The holiday party brings together the attending, physician assistant, social work,
case management, nursing, and nutrition staff in a celebration of the Hospitalist Group.

11-10-2004 Paul Lee, M.D. Awarded 2004 Physician of the Year Award

10-22-2004 Hospitalist Unit Pin Ceremony . The Medical Director, Dr. Paul Lee, the Nursing Director, Deborah O'Hehir,
the Nurse Manager, Jennifer Reid, and the Social Work Director, Frances Gautieri, bestow upon the nursing, social work
and case management staff their official Hospitalist pins.

09-30-2004 Section of Hospital Pin Ceremony. The Division Chief, Dr. Steve Shea, and the Associate Departmental
Chair, Dr. Katherine Nickerson, bestow upon the Hospitalists their official Hospitalist pins

06-2004 Residency Update: The Hospitalist resident rotation is renamed the “Senior Medicine” rotation. The
Consult responsibilities are divided between two residents, one covering general medical consults and another
covering ICU triage.

06-10-2004 After a year full of enormous progress and exciting change, the staff held a celebration to mark the
events of the year

05-14-2004 Hospitalist Nurses' Appreciation Day With the smooth transition into the new Hospitalist Unit, a
celebration is held in appreciation of the efforts of the nursing staff.

APRIL 20th 2004 A new multi-disciplinary Hospitalist Unit opens on 7 Garden South at the Milstein Hospital .
This new unit is staffed by three social workers, a case manager, a nurse manager, a charge nurse, a nurse
educator, a nursing staff of 26 nurses (25 CN1 and 1 LPN), 4 nurses aides, a nutritionist, 2 unit assistants.

01-2004 eNOTE is launched. A new electronic medical record system developed by Dr. Peter Stetson, an
Informatics/Hospitalist attending, quickly becomes adopted by the entire Hospitalist group and provides
improved documentation and billing.

08-2003 Dr. Paul Lee is among the first group to represent Columbia faculty at the Salzburg Medical
Conference in Austria. http://www.aaf-online.org/cd_inmed04.htm [pictures]

2003 In order to move the group from a hospital reporting structure to a more structured academic home, the
Hospitalist service is divided between the Milstein Hospital and Allen Pavilion sites. The Section of Hospital
Medicine at Milstein Hospital is incorporated into the Division of General Medicine. The Allen Pavilion group,
including 5 attendings, is incorporated into the Division of Medicine at the Allen Pavilion and is
directed by a separate leadership structure
( http://www.cumc.columbia.edu/dept/medicine/allen/index.html ).

The Section of Hospital Medicine at Milstein Hospital has a staff of 7 full-time attendings, 2 part-time attendings
and two physician assistants. Over the course of the year, three attendings are recruited to become directors of new
Hospitalist groups at other hospitals.

2002 Three Physician's Assistants as well as an additional two social worders are phased in at Milstein Hospital .
Residency Update: The “Hospital and Consultative Medicine” rotation for senior residents is divided into separate
Hospitalist and General Medical Consultation rotations. The Hospitalist residents care for unassigned patients with
Hospitalist attendings as well as private patients requiring housestaff attention. The Consult resident is responsible
for general medical consults as well as ICU triage.

2001 Nurse Care Manager and two dedicated Social Workers are added to Milstein Hospitalist service in 3/01
The Hospitalists begin serving as the Hospitalists for the General Medicine faculty practice (aka, Associates in
Internal Medicine or AIM).
Residency Update: The Hospitalist rotation at Milstein is changed to the "Hospital and Consultative Medicine"
rotation incorporating 4 senior residents. Residents care for a combination of Hospitalist and non-Hospitalist private
medicine patients while providing consultative services. A new curriculum for Consultative Medicine and Hospital
Medicine is incorporated.

2000 The Section of Hospital Medicine decreases to 10 physicians
Residency Update: A Hospitalist rotation for senior residents is initiated at Milstein with 2 residents per rotation
joining the Hospitalist staff.

1999 A new Section of Hospital Medicine is established with 12 physicians, covering both the Milstein Hospital
and the Allen Pavilion

1996Original 2 Hospitalists at Columbia-Presbyterian are hired.